Good News

I’ve been remiss in not updating this blog with good news I’ve received of late (and one piece of good news I received a while back and forgot to mention here). Here goes!

“All the Hometowns You Can’t Stay Away From” will appear in a forthcoming issue of Fireside Magazine. It features simulated realities, uncomfortable mother/daughter dynamics, and a particularly unflattering portrait of my hometown. Also featuring: queerness.

“The Crafter at the Web’s Heart” will appear in Apex. A 2nd World fantasy story, this one features a spider god, unplanned transformations, a precarious city and queerness.

“A Dinosaur Without Feathers Is No Dinosaur at All” will be part of the wonderful Robot Dinosaurs! project. A hopepunk story about two teen girls rebuilding their friendship and building a dinosaur. Also: queerness.

“Pelicanimimus and the Battle for Mosquito Ridge” will be part of Crossed Genres’ Resist Fascism: An SFF Call to Action. If you’d like to read this story, part of 30,000 words of SFF against fascism, please consider donating. This story is set during the Spanish Civil War and includes dinosaurs, anarchists, and (IMHO) the finest final sentence I’ve ever composed. Also, naturally, queerness.

“This Next Song Is Called ‘Punk Rock Valhalla'” is forthcoming from the A Punk Rock Future anthology. It’s got a Norse god, antifascism, possibly-unwise tattoos, and unimpressed ravens. No queerness in this one, though.

I’m kidding, I’m kidding. It’s full of queerness.

That’s the good news, folks. I couldn’t be more excited to share these stories with y’all.